A notary in Montreal, Quebec who is also a wedding officiant.

About our services

  • Wedding celebrations
  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Mandates of protection
    in case of incapacity (living will)
  • Homologation of Mandates of Protection
    in case of Incapacity proceedings in Court
  • Sworn or solemn declarations
  • Settlement of estates

The type of services offered to clients can vary. Notaries may act as legal counsel in matters concerning the preparation of a will or protective mandate in case of incapacity (living will), the purchase of a home, or even the sale of a business.

In addition, since 2002, notaries in Quebec have been empowered to act as wedding officiants. Subject to certain formalities and conditions that must be observed, Quebec law now allows notaries to solemnize the marriage between any two individuals, whether they are of the same sex or different sexes, and whether they are residents of the province of Quebec or not. The celebration must take place publicly before two witnesses and be conducted in either French or English, at the spouses' choice. The spouses will exchange their vows (consents) following the required reading of a brief legal text. Couples may choose to have a small or large ceremony and may include, as part of their ceremony, the exchange of rings. They may choose a location that best suits their needs, including our office or even the local courthouse. Montreal offers numerous possibilities such as many beautiful parks, museums, reception halls, and several attractive entertainment venues to satisfy any requirement.

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